Good to Be Back - Che Khoobe Ke Bargashti - چه خوبه که برگشتی


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Good to Be Back - Che Khoobe Ke Bargashti - چه خوبه که برگشتی

Good to Be Back - Che Khoobe Ke Bargashti - چه خوبه که برگشتی

Dentist Farzad has returned to Iran after many years abroad to escape his anxieties and daily stresses. Farzad is delighted to be reunited with his old friend, Kambiz, who has been his seaside neighbor for years. However, the appearance of a mysterious object scuppers any hopes of a straightforward homecoming. When a doctor, Yasamin, gets dragged into the story, Farzad and Kambiz find their friendship threatened. A tale of chaos and the nostalgia of home, this comedy offers superb performances from its leads.

فرزاد دندانپزشکی که پس از سال‌ها به ایران می‌آید تا دور از مسائل و آشفتگی زندگی‌اش به آرامش برسد. همزمان با ورود او به کشوریک شی مرموز شبه‌فضایی پدیدار می‌شود و پای خانم دکتر یاسمین و سنگ‌های جادویی‌اش را به ماجرایی باز می‌کند که رفاقت دیرینه فرزاد و کامبیز را که سالهاست در همسایگی هم کنار دریا زندگی می‌کنند، به جدالی بیهوده می‌کشاند ولی...

Farzard is a dentist who comes back to Iran after many years to reach peace away from the issues of his life. Along with his arrival to the country, a mysterious alien thing is seen and that brings with it Dr. Yasamin and her magical stones that puts his friendship with Kambiz who is his old friend and neighbor into danger,,,


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