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Golnar - Golnaar - گلنار

Golnar - Golnaar - گلنار

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German and +20 more languages

Golnar - Golnaar - گلنار

A children's film with music and puppet animals that participate in the lives of villagers in rural Iran. The film centres on the idyllic life of Golnar, a young girl who lives with her grandparents, and their daily routines and lifestyle. One day, Golnar becomes lost in an ominous forest when she loses her missing mother's hankerchief, her pride and joy. Like Goldilocks, she finds shelter in a hut that accommodates a pair of bears. The adventure begins when the bears notice the young intruder. A charming tale for all ages.

Golnar is a rural girl who goes into the forest to look for her mother's handkerchief which the wind had blown it away. She gets lost and goes in a cottage looking for shelter. The cottage is for Mr. and Mrs. Bear. They force her to work for her, and she has to obey because she does not know the way back. Golnar's friend, Khaleh Ghoorbagheh, finds her after a while and helps her escape the bears.

گلنار، دخترک روستایی، به دنبال دستمال برجا مانده از مادرش که باد آن را برده است به جنگل میرود و گم میشود. گلنار در جنگل به کلبه ای پناه میبرد که متعلق به آقا و خانم خرس است. خرس ها گلنار را به بیگاری وامی دارند و دخترک که راه بازگشت را نمیداند، ناگزیر به خدمت خرس ها در می آید. خاله قورباغه که دوست گلنار است پس از مدتی او را می یابد و به او کمک میکند، تا از دست خرس های مستبد رهایی یابد.