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Golden Grave - Goure Talaee - گور طلایی

Golden Grave - Goure Talaee - گور طلایی

Golden Grave - Goure Talaee - گور طلایی
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Young slacker Ramin’s father has just passed away. Responsibility falls on Ramin to carry out his late father’s burial requests, as mentioned in the will. However, when Ramin arrives at the cemetery, he is astonished to discover that the grave is worth an extraordinary sum of money. Will Ramin succumb to temptation at the price of his father’s honor? With a catchy soundtrack, well-crafted title sequences and quirky performances, this black comedy provides a refreshing take on dealing with loss.

رامین، جسد پدرش را که فوت شده به قبرستانی که او وصیت کرده می برد و در آنجا متوجه می شود که قبر پدرش میلیون ها تومان ارزش دارد و وسوسه می شود تا قبر را بفروشد! او برای پیدا کردن محلی برای دفن پدرش دچار مشکل می شود.


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