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Giti's Problem - Moshkele Giti - مشکل گیتی

Giti's Problem - Moshkele Giti - مشکل گیتی

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German and +20 more languages

Giti's Problem - Moshkele Giti - مشکل گیتی

Externally Iraj and Giti are happy middle-aged couple. Giti is addicted to her mobile and the internet. On the same day that Iraj complains to Giti about the constant use of her mobile, a woman named Sofia comes to Iraj's company. Iraj seems to be distracted by Sofia and Giti becomes aware of this. As Iraj and Sofia’s relationship develops, Giti’s frustration toward both of them steadily increases. With Iraj’s continual denial and with any proof to validate Giti’s claims seemingly vanishing, tensions run high potentially severing the chance to reconnect with each other.

Synopsis by IMVbox

فیلم مشکل گیتی با بازی حمید فرخ نژاد درباره زوجی به نام ایرج و گیتی است که در آستانه فرو پاشی زندگی مشتركشان هستند، توهمی كه بر اثر زندگی اینترنتی گیتی، به وجود آمده بر زندگی واقعی این دو سایه انداخته است....

This film is about a young couple named Giti and Iraj whose lives is on the verge of destruction, a hallucination caused by Giti’s virtual life has overshadowed the couple’s real life.