Gheisar - Gheysar - قیصر


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Gheisar - Gheysar - قیصر

Gheisar - Gheysar - قیصر

A young woman, Fati, dies in a hospital. Her family is devastated when they discover her death was self-inflicted. She leaves a letter revealing her suicide is a result of being raped by Mansour Ab-Mangol—the brother of a friend who did nothing to stop it. Fati's older brother Farman, an ex street thug who now runs a butcher-shop, decides to confront Mansour.

Gheysar who wants to take revenge from the people who have killed his brother, Farman, and also have raped and killed his sister, finally succeeds: They are Agh-Mongol's brothers. He kills them one after another, and at the end, is shot dead by the police.

"قیصر" به انتقام قتل برادرش "فرمان" و مرگ خواهرش که مورد تجاوز قرار گرفته است، عاملین را که برادران "آق منگل " هستند یکی پس از دیگری به قتل می رساند و خود نیز در پایان به ضرب گلوله ی پلیس از پای در می آید.