Ghazal - Ghazal - غزل


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Ghazal - Ghazal - غزل

Ghazal - Ghazal - غزل

Two brothers Hojjat and Zein-Ala'bedin are the guards of the jungle and live alone by themselves. One day they are notice that some people are cutting the trees illegally. Hojjat chases them but returns home with a girl her name Ghazal. Zein-Ala'bedin falls in love with her but Hojjat too feels love for Ghazal. To avoid further problems they decide to get rid of the girl. They kill the girl and bury her body in the jungle and then burn their house and run away together.

Two forester brothers live a simple life in a forest cabin. One night, the older one brings home a prostitute named Ghazal. Both of the brothers fall in love with her but at the end, Ghazal gets sacrificed as a result of their love.

دو برادر جنگلبان زندگی عادی خود را در خانه ای جنگلی در تنهایی میگذرانند ۔ یکی از شبها برادر بزرگتر زنی فاحشه به اسم "غزل " را به جنگل می آورد. دو برادر متدرجا" عاشق "غزل " می شوند ولی در پایان این "غزل " است که بخاطر عشق این دو برادر "عاشقانه"میمیرد۰


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