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The Convoy - Ghafeleh - قافله

The Convoy - Ghafeleh - قافله

The Convoy - Ghafeleh - قافله
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Crime, drugs, murder, and revenge: 'Ghafeleh' tells the story of two men on both sides of the law and the war they rage within the barren Iranian desert. The players take their marks as a deadly game of cat and mouse unfolds: the ruthless drug dealer who will stop at nothing to get what he wants, and the detective tasked with bringing him in and avenging the death of his predecessor. This is a game with no rules, no boundaries, and no forgiveness for the one who loses. As it builds to a bloody climax, people on both sides of the struggle get drawn into the fray... and not everyone will make it out.

در یك درگیری بین نیروهای انتظامی و قاچاقچیان یك افسر كشته می شود. سروان یوسف پیر بلوچ، پسر عموی مقتول برای رسیدگی به پرونده یك سرقت به بلوچستان منتقل می شود. او با كمك خانواده عمویش به مبارزه با اشرار می پردازد. در پی حوادثی كه رخ می دهد که...


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