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Gap - Shekaf - شكاف

Gap - Shekaf - شكاف

Thirty-year-olds, Sarah and Peyman must quickly decide on parenthood as Sarah is suffering from a rare disease which might soon render her infertile. Her gynecologist advises her to have a child before it is too late. However, becoming a parent is no easy matter, especially when the question is further complicated by the breakup of a couple of close friends whose son is torn between his parents.

داستان فیلم شکاف داستان زوج جوانی است که بدون اینکه بخواهند برای مدت کوتاهی از فرزند دوست خود مراقبت می کنند اما حادثه ای که برای کودک اتفاق می افتد باعث می شود که زندگی این زوج درگیر بحران شود...