Full or Empty - Gol Ya Pooch - کامل یا خالی


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Full or Empty - Gol Ya Pooch - کامل یا خالی

Full or Empty - Gol Ya Pooch - کامل یا خالی

Navid (Navid Raisi) is a young man of seventeen who has left the small town where he was born and raised to seek his fortune. Navid has two great dreams -- he wants to get a job teaching Persian literature, and he longs to meet and marry a pretty girl -- and when he arrives in a big city near the border of Iran and Pakistan, he sets out to make them a reality. Navid learns that in order to get a job as a teacher, he has to get letters of recommendation from two townspeople, so he tries hard to make friends who will be able to help him. Navid also has to prove he has no criminal record; the process takes much longer than he expected, and he takes on a variety of part time jobs to make money and prove his mettle in the meantime. Navid also meets a beautiful young woman named Mahrok and is determined to win her hand, despite some strong initial resistance on her part...

Navid Raiesi is a 17 years old boy who wishes to be a teacher. He moves to the city from his hometown to be hired as a literature teacher. The movie tells his story while he is waiting to be qualified as a teacher and get hired as the youngest teacher in the district.

«نوید رییسی» جوان هفده ساله ای که شیفته شغل آموزگاری است، او از روستا وارد شهری بندری می شود تا به عنوان آموزگار ادبیات فارسی، به استخدام دولت درآید. داستان فیلم، دوره ی انتظار او را برای شنیدن پاسخ مثبت یا منفی اداره آموزش و پرورش برای استخدام نوید رئیسی، جوان ترین آموزگار منطقه را نشان می دهد.

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