Frosty Roads - Jadehaye Sard - جاده‌های سرد


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Frosty Roads - Jadehaye Sard - جاده‌های سرد

Frosty Roads - Jadehaye Sard - جاده‌های سرد

In winter a young guy Esmaeil is forced to go to the city to get the medicines of his father. The teacher of the village and another youngster Rahman too come with him. In the way the teacher leaves them to get back to the village but is attacked by wolves. He hides himself in a pit waiting for help. Esmaeil and Rahman make it to the city and get the medicines and on the way back home join a group of the villagers who come to the rescue of the teacher and together manage to save him.

During a hard winter in a poor village, the men leave the village to work and earn money. Mash Bahador is the only man remaining. Due to his disease, he will die soon. His son, Rahman, decides to go to the city to get his medicine. Mr. Musavi who is the village teacher and has a peg leg ,along with Esmaeil, a friend of Rahman who is as old as him, join him in his trip. Snow and cold create some difficulties in their path. Mr. Musavi suggests that Rahman and Esmaeil go to the city without him. Considering his physical condition, he refuses to go through this trip. When Rahman and Esmaeil leave Mr. Mousavi, a herd of wolves attack him. He hides himself in a hole. An elderly women of the village come to his aid. On the other hand, Rahman and Esmaeil who have provided the medicine, save Mash Bahador as well.

در زمستانی سخت ، مردان دهکده ای فقیر برای کسب معیشت ده را ترک کرده اند. مش بهادر تنها مردی که در ده مانده ، به علت بیماری مشرف به موت است. "رحمن " پسرش تصمیم میگیرد برای تهیه دارو به شهر برود. آقای "موسوی" معلم ده -که یک پایش مصنوعی است - و "اسماعیل " یکی از دوستان هم سن و سال رحمن ھمراہ او می شوند ، برف و سرما، دشواری ہائی در حرکت آنہا پدید می آورد. آقای موسوی پیشنهاد می کند که رحمن و اسماعیل باتفاق به شہر بروند .علت این پیشنہاد صرف نظر از شرایط طبیعی ، وضعیت بدنی اوست. رحمن و اسماعیل میروند اما آقای موسوی با ھجوم گرگہا مواجه می شود. او خود را در حفره ای پنهان می کند . وی با خطر حمله گرگها و سرمای شدید مواجه است ولی سرانجام زنان و سالخوردگان ده به کمکش می آیند . رحمن و اسماعیل هم که داروها را تهیه کرده اند، باعث نجات مش بهادر می گردند.


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