Forester - Jangal Ban - جنگلبان
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Forester - Jangal Ban - جنگلبان

Forester - Jangal Ban - جنگلبان

In the early 1980s, just after the Islamic revolution, some greedy people start to cut down industrial trees in the forest just to make more money. When Rasool, the co-ranger of the region, tries to arrest them, they beat him up brutally. Golkooh, an old ranger who is about to retire, turns to the forestry department for help, but because of the government's resignation and the absence of the head of department, he cannot get any help. Golkooh doesn't want anybody to get hurt, so he doesn't ask others for help. But the locals who are already aware of the importance of the situation, send a team to help the old ranger.

مریم و رضا با آدم های دیگر فرق دارند، آن هم نه یک فرق ساده، بلکه بسیار بزرگ و آن ها باید تلاش کنند تا به دیگران ثابت کنند این تفاوت بزرگ را با معجزه عشق حل کرده اند.


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