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For the Sake of Haniyeh - Be Khatere Haniyeh - به خاطر هانیه

For the Sake of Haniyeh - Be Khatere Haniyeh - به خاطر هانیه

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German and +20 more languages

For the Sake of Haniyeh - Be Khatere Haniyeh - به خاطر هانیه

'For the Sake of Haniyeh' is a melancholy family drama which unfolds in the wake of a tragic event. After Captain Olov goes fishing with a crew of fourteen men, he is the only one to return. All the other men drown during the trip. The families of these men hold Olov responsible for their deaths, and rise up in revolt against him. Olov must struggle with his combined feelings of guilt, grief, and acceptance.

The people of a village called Tangak, consider captain Olov as the cause of the death of a group of fishermen and rise up against him. The captain and his family, wounded and annoyed, are forced to leave Tangak. After the death of the captain, his teenage son Bashir, is determined to return to Tangak in order to assert himself and prove his worth. On the pretext of bringing the cradle of Ali Asghar for the Ashura ceremony, he travels to his hometown and begins a risky journey.

مردم روستای تنگک، ناخدا علو را مسبب مرگ گروهی از صیادان میدانند و علیه او برمی خیزند. ناخدا و خانواده اش زخم خورده و آزرده مجبور به ترک تنگک، می شوند. پس از مرگ ناخدا، پسر نوجوانش، بشیر مصمم است برای ابراز وجود و اثبات لیاقت خود به تنگک برگردد. او به بهانه آوردن گهواره حضرت علی اصغر (ع) برای مراسم عاشورا عازم زادگاه خود می شود و سفری پر مخاطره را آغاز می کند.