Finding Farideh - Dar Jostejouye Farideh - در جستجوی فریده


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Finding Farideh - Dar Jostejouye Farideh - در جستجوی فریده

Finding Farideh - Dar Jostejouye Farideh - در جستجوی فریده

"Finding Farideh" is a feature-length documentary about an Iranian girl named Farideh, who had been abandoned in a holy shrine in Iran when she was 6 months old in 1976 and then she was transferred to Tehran's nursery. A few days later, she got adopted by a Dutch couple and left Iran to the Netherlands to start her new life. Her parents promised to take her to Iran when she turns 18, but it never happened because they always thought that Iran is a dangerous country to go Now, she overcomes her fears and starts a personal journey to her motherland Iran for the first time to meet three families who claim to be her real family and have a DNA test with them, and to find out about her Iranian identity and culture.

دختری به نام فریده که چهل سال پیش در حرم امام رضا رها شده بود، فرزند یک خانواده هلندی می‌شود.
وی تصمیم می‌گیرد برای اولین بار به ایران سفر کند و با سه خانواده که مدعی‌اند خانواده خونی او هستند آزمایش DNA بدهد.


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