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Felicity Land - Saadat Abad - سعادت آباد

Felicity Land - Saadat Abad - سعادت آباد

Subtitles: English, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Russian and +20 more languages

Felicity Land - Saadat Abad - سعادت آباد

A gripping drama giving an insight into the real lives of three well-off Iranian couples who get together for a birthday party. As idyllic as their lives appear, each couple bears their own sordid secrets. As the party progresses, cracks begin to form, accusations fly and it becomes apparent that all is not as it seems. As this enthralling story unfolds we learn more about the contrast between deceit and truth in relationships behind closed doors.

Yasi is having a birthday party for her husband Mohsen. They had a huge argument and Yasi wants to hold a party as a making up party. She invites two other couples who are their family friends to the party, Ali and Laleh and Bahram and Tahmineh. But each of these couples who are Mohsen’s co-workers, have their own problems. Laleh has had an abortion and has gotten a visa for Germany without her husband knowledge for a three-months-long mission. Yasi, Mohsen, Bahram and Tahmineh have helped her to hide this from Ali. But Ali is a paranoid and fanatic person and is suspicious of the phone calls between Laleh and Tahmineh and wants to know what is going on. Bahram and Tahmineh have also faced with some problems in their married life and want to separate but they don’t want anyone to know of this for now. Apparently, Bahram married Tahmineh, who was the daughter of his boss and older than him, for money. When Tahmineh comes to the party she informs them that her cargo that's worth one billion Tomans has fallen into the water during the transit and she is not in the mood for the party and she is rude with Yasi and others. But later she is informed that her cargo has been pulled from the water and her loss is reduced to two hundred million Tomans. It causes Mohsen to get slowly involved in the party. But his suspicious phone calls and the other people present at the party lead to a further argument as the party continues and hidden relationships come to light, such as Mohsen’s relationship with his daughter’s nurse…