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Farewell Baghdad - Bedrood Baghdad - بدرود بغداد

Farewell Baghdad - Bedrood Baghdad - بدرود بغداد

Subtitles: English, Arabic, Hebrew, Romanian, Turkish and +20 more languages

Farewell Baghdad - Bedrood Baghdad - بدرود بغداد

The Polish-American boxer Daniel Dalca (Mazdak Mirabedini) escapes his problems by enlisting in the army. After four years when his mission is over, he is sent back home where he would have to face his past problems. So he decides to desert the army. In the middle of a desert he gets bitten by a scorpion. On the very day of her marriage, 29 March 2003 Rebecca (Pantea Bahram) lost her husband during the British-American attack on Iraq. Today she is managing a little restaurant on the Iraqi borderline where she hosts Iraqi and American soldiers. She goes to the landmines to clear mines in order to plant trees and palms at the very same places. Saleh Al Marzouk (Mostafa Zamani) is an Iraqi math teacher who lost his family on the 29 March Baghdad bombings. Meanwhile, he detained and later imprisoned at the infamous Abu Ghraib prison for three years. Disguised as a woman, he plans to blow himself up at a restaurant on Christmas Day in 2009. There, he suddenly discovers a picture of himself on the wall, when Rebecca enters the restaurant. Shocked, Saleh runs away.

دانیِل دالکا بعد از شکست در مسابقه بوکس یکی از شرط بندها را به قتل می رساند و برای فرار از دست مافیا هیچ جایی را امن تر از ارتش نمی یابد...