Eyes - Chashm ha - چشم ها

Eyes - Chashm ha - چشم ها

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Eyes - Chashm ha - چشم ها

Eyes - Chashm ha - چشم ها
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Mohammad Reza Fartousi's eye-opening documentary focuses on young photographer Nadia Abdullah's brave efforts to record social unrest in Yemen. Using Abdullah's powerful and often disturbing images to capture the atmosphere of revolution, the film follows her as she works while providing insights into her personal aims and thoughts on photography. First inspired to document the revolution by the horror of seeing innocent people wounded in a hospital, she talks passionately about the corrupt politics of Yemen, her experience of witnessing bloodshed, and what she sees as the revolutionary art of photography.

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Mohammad Reza Fartousi
Kamel Elmoamari
Khaled Elmatari