Everything is Calm - Hameh Chi Aroomeh - همه چی آرومه


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Everything is Calm - Hameh Chi Aroomeh - همه چی آرومه

Everything is Calm - Hameh Chi Aroomeh - همه چی آرومه

A young man who is due to be married is taken out by three friends on his last night of freedom in a true The Hangover style bachelor party. After eating some strange food things take a surreal turn for the four. They wake up in luxurious surroundings far removed from their daily life and discover that they are fabulously wealthy. Just as the friends grow accustomed to their new dream lives, a visit from Ebi's in-laws threatens to bring them back down to Earth. Majid Salehi leads this raucous comedy.

سه جوان خوش گذران به خاطر عروسی دوستشان ابی تصمیم می گیرند با او سفری مجردی کنند؛ ولی قبل از این کار ماده ای توهم زا مصرف میکنند و این کار باعث می شود آنها فردا خودشان را در جایی جدید ببینند.

You talked and I believed. You insisted and I doubted. You swore and it was a lie. Now it is important that everything is calm.