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Every Night Loneliness - Har Shab Tanhaie - هر شب تنهایی

Every Night Loneliness - Har Shab Tanhaie - هر شب تنهایی

Subtitles: English, Arabic, French, German, Russian, Turkish and +20 more languages

Every Night Loneliness - Har Shab Tanhaie - هر شب تنهایی

Attiyeh has made a career out of giving relationship advice to couples over her radio show. Every day she answers questions about family dynamics and safeguarding marriages, while behind the scenes she and her husband struggle with a problem of their very own, one that seems practically unsolvable. All her life she has been the one to give advice, and as she tries to come to terms with a costly and dangerous medical procedure, she finds she is now the one who desperately needs it...

Atieh is a writer and TV presenter. In all her programs, she is always persuading the audience to have a successful life with their families but suddenly she finds out that she has an incurable disease. After that, she loses her hope and morale and becomes depressed and isolated. Her spouse advises her to get out of this unpleasant condition so she decides to visit Imam Reza as a pilgrim. While in Mashhad, Atieh tries to find the parents of a lost girl. Through this endeavor, she becomes friend with the girl and in the last hours before she finds her parents, Atieh finds hope and the value of life again.

عطیه نویسنده و مجری یک برنامه تلوزیونی است، او در اجرای مرتب برنامه هایش همواره مخاطبانش را برای داشتن زندگی موفق خانوادگی، راهنمایی و ترغیب کرده است، اما ناگهان متوجه بیماری لاعلاج خود میشود و از آن پس متدرجا روحیه و امیدش را از دست رفته یافته و افسرده و منزوی میگردد، اما بعد به توصیه همسرش، برای این که از وضعیت نامطلوب به وجود آمده زندگی اش، خارج شود، تصمیم میگیرد تا به زیارت امام رضا(ع) برود.
عطیه در مشهد به هنگام زیارت سعی میکند تا والدین دخترکی را که گم شده بیابد و در مسیر این تلاش، با دخترک همراه و مانوس می شود و در ساعاتی که او تا پیدا شدن مادرش میگذراند زندگی و امید را باز می یابد.