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Eshnougel - Eshnoogel - اشنوگل


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Eshnougel - Eshnoogel - اشنوگل

Eshnougel - Eshnoogel - اشنوگل

After 30 years, a member of the Monafeghin Organization returns the identification tag belonging to one of the missing martyrs of the holy war back to Iran. To discover the truth, the agents of the Ministry of Intelligence are forced to pay a visit to his fellow combatants to review his last few days in the war ground.

"Yonus" who was the commander of a group of divers, goes MIA (missing in action) three nights before the operation while trying to dig a tunnel in the operation zone. Now after thirty years, new information shows that Yonus might be alive and at the time was working with the enemy.


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