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Escaping the City - Goriz az Shahr - گریز از شهر


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Escaping the City - Goriz az Shahr - گریز از شهر

Escaping the City - Goriz az Shahr - گریز از شهر

Dr. Kheradmand, a heart surgeon and specialist, makes a mistake while writing a prescription for a patient, for he was so tired, and the patient dies. The first son of the patient figures the matter out and decides to take revenge. In a formal meeting, the president of the hospital considers the issue and asks the doctor to stay away from the hospital for a while. One of the doctor`s friends refers to him overnight and asks him to go to a village to treat one of the big Khans there. In the way, the doctor`s car deviates from the road and falls into a valley. Some of the rustic people help the doctor. The doctor is in a state of shock and forgetfulness and doesn’t recognize the Khan`s son. The doctor`s wife, on the other hand, is also trying to find him. The doctor who is in a better condition now starts examining and treating the rustic people. On the way back, in an unfair quarrel, some of the rustic people along with the doctor are beaten by the Khan`s people, but the doctor survives and promises the people that he will help them.


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