Empty Hands - Baad Be Dastan - باد به دستان

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Empty Hands - Baad Be Dastan - باد به دستان

Empty Hands - Baad Be Dastan - باد به دستان

Based on a true story, this film focuses on Hossein, whose five wives and fifty children form a small village in southern Iran. Hossein is lonesome despite his large family, and feigns contentment to get himself through each day. He is also guilty, and feels that he is exploiting his wives and children’s hard work for his own means. However, he soon comes to realise that it is his boss Mahmoud who is taking advantage of them all. Forced to live on Mahmoud’s land to support themselves, the family are well and truly in the palm of his hand. When Mahmoud promises to build him a house, Hossein’s problems intensify. A wonderfully dramatic adaptation of one man’s unusual life.

The true story of a Baloch man’s life who lives in one of the villages of Kahnouj County, Iran. The man has five wives and fifty children and has many problems though.. He and his large family have formed a village and despite the difficult conditions of life, he puts all the difficulties behind with his family’s support. After an event, it seems as if they’re in a drastic and unstable situation. However, the experienced and clever Baloch man takes control of his life once again.

داستان واقعی زندگی یک مرد بلوچ که در یکی از روستاهای شهرستان کهنوج زندگی میکند.مرد که پنج همسر و پنجاه فرزند دختر و پسر دارد و با شرایط سختی روزگار میگذراند.
وی به همراه خانواده پرجمعیتش روستایی را شکل داده اند و علیرغم سختی شرایط و زندگی، اما با پشتوانهٔ خانوادهاش، همه مشکلات را پشت سر گذارده است، وقوع یک حادثه، به نظر میرسد، موقعیت او و خانواده را در شرایطی حاد و شکننده قرار دهد.اما مرد بلوچ، با زیرکی و تجربه، این بار هم سکان زندگی اش را در کنترل در می آورد.