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Empty Chair - Sandalie Khali - صندلی خالی

Empty Chair - Sandalie Khali - صندلی خالی

اپیزود اول: اسماعیل و مرضیه زوج جوانی که در انتظار تولد کودک خود هستند؛ برای سونوگرافی دیرهنگام و انجام آزمایشات ژنتیک از شهرستان به تهران آمده اند. دکترها به علت ازدواج فامیلی، به آنها هشدار داده اند.

First stroy: Esmaeil Fallah and his wife Marziyeh, who is also his cousin and pregnant, are worried about their child and they go to a doctor. The doctor tells them that the child is blind, deaf and mute and it would be a torture to keep him. They ask for an Estekhareh (consultation with Quran to make decisions) which tells them that they are the ones who make the choice... Second story: An actress named Mina gets her daughter Sahar from her former husband Amir, who is going out of the country with his new wife. She takes Sahar to her mother in Karaj and on the return trip, she hits a dog. She is scared to approach her at first and after doing an Estekhareh, she has a choice. But the dog can speak, and tells Mina about his owner's death. Mina takes this news to the owner's family and is surprised at their rejoice.... In the third story, we see Mina's car accident scene being filmed and the stunt double who acts in the accident dies and...