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Emperor of Hell - Emperatoore Jahannam - امپراطور جهنم


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Emperor of Hell - Emperatoore Jahannam - امپراطور جهنم

Emperor of Hell - Emperatoore Jahannam - امپراطور جهنم

Riyadh, an old hand fighter and terrorist mufti, breaks his repentance and seeks vengeance against those violated his wife. In an irreversible path of destruction, he ignites the flames of war in Europe, ignorant of the conspiracy against him by more seasoned veterans.

"Riyad", a veteran warrior is repentant and plans to shed blood and crawls into a corner like a dormant volcano. For setting a new fire, he needs a strong shock, and the only way is to invade Golijan as the only love and hope for his life. The fire of Riyadh has flared up, causing bloodshed. Unaware that he has become the actor of an adventurous drama.

ریاض جنگجوی کهنه کار توبه میکند خونی بریزد و چون آتشفشانی خاموش به گوشه ای میخزد. برای آتش افروزی مجدد او به یک شوک قوی نیاز است و آن تعرض به گلجان تنها عشق و امید زندگی اوست. آتش ریاض شعله ور شده و خون ها میریزد . غافل از اینکه بازیگر یکه تاز نمایشی پرماجرا گردیده است.


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