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Elixir and Dust - Kimia va Khak - کیمیا و خاک

Elixir and Dust - Kimia va Khak - کیمیا و خاک

Elixir and Dust - Kimia va Khak - کیمیا و خاک
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It's 1979. Iran is on the verge of revolution. As the last flight to leave the country prepares to board, the chaotic destinies of six disparate individuals become inexorably intertwined. Among them are a wounded revolutionary and his wife, a young clergyman, a dangerous courier, a man searching for his lost love, and the son of a political prisoner hoping to start a new life abroad. Against the turbulent backdrop of political upheaval, director Abbas Rafei paints a picture of life in transition, of hope and desperation, unlikely meetings, and the willingness to leave everything behind in pursuit of a greater goal.

The story of five people who're trying to catch the last flight for going abroad in the inflammatory atmosphere of November, 1979. But as the story goes on, an accident ties these people's destinies together.

قصه آن درباره 5 نفر است كه در فضاي ملتهب آبان ماه سال 1357 درصدد هستند تا به آخرين پروازي كه از ايران خارج مي شود، برسند اما در ادامه ماجرايي سرنوشت اين افرادي را به همديگر پيوند مي زند.


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