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Dreamy - Khab ZadehHa - خواب‌ زده ها

Dreamy - Khab ZadehHa - خواب‌ زده ها

Nazgol is a depressed single woman who lives in a poor area south of Tehran. Financial difficulties have taken their toll, and her life is about to collapse under mounting debt and the pressure to put food on the table. But when she meets Firooz, an attractive factory owner, she embarks on a relationship that will change her life forever. Director Fereydoun Jeyrani blends warm humour with hard-hitting drama in a film that has something for everyone.

Nazgol Mashreghi is a single woman from the south side of the city whose life is collapsing due to financial problems. Her meeting with Firoz Neshat who is a factory owner and single creates new problems…