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Drawing Contest - Mosabeghe Naghashi - مسابقه نقاشی


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Drawing Contest - Mosabeghe Naghashi - مسابقه نقاشی

Drawing Contest - Mosabeghe Naghashi - مسابقه نقاشی

Mehrdad Farid's documentary revolves around the judge of a drawing contest held for high school students. Having recently announced the winners in the local press, he is contacted by the father of one of the successful entrants, Seyedeh Akram, who reveals that his daughter did not actually draw her winning picture. It transpires that a teenager and artistic prodigy from a neighbouring family has been asking other students to submit his work under their own names in order to split the prize money with them. As the judge mediates a reconciliation between the two families, the issues of wealth, honour and loyalty are brought into the open.