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Don - Dan - دان

Don - Dan - دان

Don - Dan - دان

Don is the story of a young boy desperate to find work to help support his family and heroin addicted parents. Moving from employer to employer, Don, aged only 9 and illiterate, faces an almost impossible task without an identity card. Part of the Iranian New Wave, Abolfazl Jalili's use of non-actors gives the film the feeling of a documentary, as performers recreate lives so close to their own. From Don's point of view, the world is a tough place, but his determination to make the most of his situation is heartwarming.

When the boy is brought to be identified, it is revealed that he has no identity card and no particular name. An investigation regarding his condition shows that his parents are both addicts, so they are failed to take care of him anymore. The law accepts his responsibility but soon he escapes to discover his real identity.

وقتی پسرک لازم است شناسایی شود معلوم میشود که فاقد شناسنامه و حتی نام معینی است. پیگیری در شناسایی وضعیت پسرک مشخص می کند که والدین ظاهری او، هردو معتاد هستند و لذا از جانب قانون آنها فاقد صلاحیت سرپرستی او هستند. قانون پسرک را تحت حمایت خود در می آورد. امّا دیری نمی پاید که پسرک دست به فرار میزند چراکه می خواهد هویت واقعی خود را کشف کند.

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