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Divine One - Malekout - ملکوت


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Divine One - Malekout - ملکوت

Divine One - Malekout - ملکوت

In a garden party, Mr. Mavaddat suddenly starts feeling unwell. His friends take him to Dr. Hatam. The doctor starts the treatment, and while curing the patient, talks to the secretary who is a friend of Mr. Mavaddat. They start talking about the rumors spreading about the secretary and the doctor acts as if he doesn't know anything about the matter. Then they talk about M. L.., who is a patient ready for his right hand to be cut off. The doctor takes her to M. L.'s house and she sees M. L.'s servant, Sheko. At Sheko's house, the secretary sees a mummy of M. L.'s son. M. L. is writing his diary and memories in a hurry. He wants to finish it before they have to cut off his hand. The movie then shows a part of the memories in flashbacks. It shows how his feudal father had wanted him to continue his way.


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