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Dilemma - Dorahi - دوراهی


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Dilemma - Dorahi - دوراهی

Dilemma - Dorahi - دوراهی

'Dilemma' follows Rafiee Malekzadeh, a young film student in Iran. Director Mehrdad Farid examines the restrictions imposed on Rafiee as a female filmmaker and daughter of a clergyman, highlighting the continual struggle between tradition and modernity. The documentary also features contributions from two prominent women working in the Iranian film industry, director Tamineh Milani and actress Niki Karimi, who talk of their experiences as women coming from a strict religious background to building a career in cinema. 'Dilemma' is an engaging documentary that continues the discourse of women's rights whilst exploring issues of censorship and the risky nature of filmmaking in Iran.