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Devoted - Sinechak - سینه چاک


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Devoted - Sinechak - سینه چاک

Devoted - Sinechak - سینه چاک

Zari gets married to Miraza Asadollah because of her father’s debts to him, despite the fact that she is in love with Moteza. However, after realizing that her father’s checks and promissory notes have been refunded, she commits suicide. Morteza comes to Tehran and meets Seyyed Kazem and becomes his devotee. After meeting a girl named Eshrat, Morteza and Kazem both fall for her and through a conflict , Morteza wins. At the same night, some guys attack Morteza, and after he sees Kazem among them, the image of him as an idol is perished. Eshrat and Morteza marries each other, and after that, Morteza disappears into darkness searching for an unknown destiny.

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