Death of the Fish - Marge Mahi - مرگ ماهی


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Death of the Fish - Marge Mahi - مرگ ماهی

Death of the Fish - Marge Mahi - مرگ ماهی

Siblings gather at the family house after their mother has passed away. Upon her death, she leaves a strange will requesting that her children keep her body in the house for 3 days and not to inform anyone during that time.

داستان دربارهٔ مادری ا‌ست که پس از مرگش، فرزندان او به خانه‌اش می‌آیند و از طریق پرستار مادر متوجه می‌شوند که وصیت کرده که سه روز پس از مرگش او را به خاک بسپارند. فرزندان بر سر عمل به وصيت دچار اختلافاتي مي شوند و پس از دو روز متوجه مي شوند مادرشان نصف اموال و زمين‌هايش را و همچنين خانه‌اش را به نام پرستار خود کرده است و ...

The story is about a mother whose children come to her house after her death and find out through her nurse that she has written a will and requested to be buried three days after her death. This odd request surprises her family and children and causes some challenges for them.