Death Journey - Safare Marg - سفر مرگ


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Death Journey - Safare Marg - سفر مرگ

Death Journey - Safare Marg - سفر مرگ

Seifullah and Morteza have reached the exit point of the city at midnight. They want to go to their village; but because of the bad weather and darkness, no driver wants to take them. At last a strange driver arrives and claims a big sum to take them. So, they all start the journey on anxiously...

Seifollah and his son-in-law Morteza have to return to their village at midnight due to an accident which is occurred to one of their relatives. A driver called Fereidoon accompany them. Their journey to Shaltapeh village is full of incidents.

سيف‌الله و دامادش مرتضي به علت حادثه اي كه براي يكي ازاقوام‌شان رخ داده است نيمه شب مجبور به عزيمت به سمت روستاي‌شان مي‌شود و براي رفتن به مقصد، با راننده‌اي به نام فريدون همراه مي‌شود. سفر آنها به روستاي شال تپه خالي از اتفاق و حوادث نيست!


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