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Dead Heat Under the Shrubs - Kavire Marg - کویر مرگ


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Dead Heat Under the Shrubs - Kavire Marg - کویر مرگ

Dead Heat Under the Shrubs - Kavire Marg - کویر مرگ

A rural teenage who is doing his daily works, happens to see a woman driving a car, whose presence in the deserted area around the village is not routine. At first, he decides to help her, but he later realizes that the woman is apprehensively hiding a corpse in an aqueduct. He hides himself somewhere, but the woman sees him and feels herself in danger, so tries to perish the witness. She decides to kill the innocent teenage. The rural teenage who finds the situation dangerous, tries to flee, and an unfair marathon of death and life begins. After a series of events, the rural teenage who now has passed his childhood and becomes a man, eventually reveals the truth and wins the marathon.

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