Days of Life - Roozhaye Zendegi - روزهای زندگی

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Days of Life - Roozhaye Zendegi - روزهای زندگی

Days of Life - Roozhaye Zendegi - روزهای زندگی

When the resolution is accepted for ceasefire between Iran and Iraq, the inhabitants of a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital are confronted by a sudden attack by the Iraqi army. A physician couple frantically try to save the lives of the many injured people sprawled around the increasingly bloody hospital. An intense drama from director Parviz Sheikh Tadi.

داستان این فیلم در سال ۱۳۶۷ می‌گذرد. در زمانی که لیلا و امیرعلی، زن و شوهری که زندگی خود را وقف بیمارستان صحرایی در جبهه جنوب کرده‌اند. امیرعلی و همسرش به دلیل سال‌ها کار در آنجا به حال و هوای جبهه وابستگی شدیدی پیدا کرده‌اند، اما اعلام خبر آتش‌بس و بعد حمله نیروهای عراقی به بیمارستان، این زوج را در آزمایشی دشوار قرار می‌دهد.

It is 1988, at the last days of Iran-Iraq war. In a field hospital near the war zone, Dr. Amirali Alavi is the administrator of the hospital and is involved in healing the patients with all of his strength, expertise and interest, and his wife Leila is a nurse and his assistant who works with him. A young doctor called Saman Amini is sent to the hospital from the capital but he is a cowardly and disbelieving person who was forced to come for this mission and clashes with Dr. Alavi, his wife, and Sima, the responsible nurse of the hospital, from the very beginning. Nevertheless, it is not long till resolution number 598 is accepted and the war ends, but hours after accepting the resolution, Iraqis begin a hard and deadly attack and this hospital is on their way. Many of the wounded and hospital personnel are killed alongside the fighters and Dr. Alavi with the help of the rest of his co-workers move the wounded that are still alive to a hidden bunker that is shaped like a hallway and is underneath the hospital. During an explosion, Dr. Alavi’s eye nerves are damaged and he is blinded. Even blind, he tries to help the wounded but because they have no access to medical equipment and the threatening presence of enemy above them, this work gets harder and harder. Meanwhile, they capture an Iraqi soldier and bring him to the bunker and hence Leila has no choice but to endanger her life and go out of the bunker to the former hospital which is now destroyed and bring medical equipment. Dr. Amini who fled at the start of the attack is captured by the Iraqis and they take him to the hospital in order to get some information from him and find the others' hiding place. Sima comes out of the bunker with a machine gun in order to save Saman, but she and Saman and Iraqis are killed during the shootout. Leila goes out of the shelter to find food but is hit with an Iraqi bullet and is wounded. On that night, Dr. Alavi talks to an old fighter who is able to move and suggest him to find a vehicle so that they can move the wounded out of the bunker before they deteriorate and die. The old fighter finds a tank and destroys the bunker's wall, so that he can pick up the wounded that way, but no one is willing to leave the doctor and his wife except the captured Iraqi, and the old man leaves with his only passenger. Doctor blindly makes a wall with cement blocks in front of the bunker. Hours later, the sound of fighting and the light of explosion brings the news that Iranian forces have arrived and the enemy is left.