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Day Break - Dame Sobh - دم صبح

Day Break - Dame Sobh - دم صبح

In Iran, capital punishment is carried out according to Islamic law, which gives the family of the victim ownership of the offender's life. Day Break - based on a compilation of true stories and shot inside Tehran's century-old prison - revolves around the imminent execution of Mansour, a man found guilty of murder. When the family of the victim does not show up on the appointed day of the sentencing, Mansour's execution is postponed again and again. Stuck inside the purgatory of his own mind, he waits as time passes on without him, caught between life and death, retribution and forgiveness.

يك محكوم به مرگ، سرگردان ميان خوف و رجاء، در انتظار صبحي كه او را مي بخشند يا اعدام مي كنند.

Mansoor, who has come to Tehran to open new gates for his future and fix his financial problems, gets involved in a conflict and commits murder through a controversial event. According to the law, he is sentenced to death ... Mansoor has no friends and acquaintances to help him win the forgiveness of the victim's parents, and at the same time, is not able to pay the blood money, so he should be executed ... On the day of execution, Mansoor is brought to the gallows, but the parents do not attend the ceremony due to the death of one of their relatives, and thus the execution of "Mansour" is postponed for forty days. In these forty days, Mansour deals with the analysis of his own condition, and it ultimately leads to the experience of his spiritual pursuit.

«منصور» که برای گشودن دروازه هایی تازه برای آینده و رفع تنگناهای مالی اش، در جستجوی شغل مناسبی به تهران آمده است، براثر اتفاق در منازعه ای درگیر و مرتکب قتل می شود. مطابق قانون، او محکوم به قصاص نفس است... منصور هیچ یار و آشنایی برای جلب رضایت والدین مقتول ندارد و در عین حال فاقد توان پرداخت دیه است، پس باید اعدام شود...
در روز اعدام، منصور به پای چوبه دار آورده می شود، اما اولیای دم به علت فوت یکی از بستگانشان در مراسم حاضر نمی شوند و بدین ترتیب اعدام « منصور» به چهل روز بعد موکول می شود. در این چهل روز، «منصور» به تحلیل احوال خود می پردازد که نهایتاً به تجربه ی سلوک معنوی اش می انجامد...