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Dawn of Victory - Sahargahe Pirouzi - سحرگاه پیروزی


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Dawn of Victory - Sahargahe Pirouzi - سحرگاه پیروزی

Dawn of Victory - Sahargahe Pirouzi - سحرگاه پیروزی

Rasoul, who has lost his wife and their only child, Mohsen, in an Iraq airstrike on Dezful, joins the fighters who intend to defend their country by stopping the enemy’s access to Karkhe garrison and Karkhe’s strategic bridge. In the first place, after a tough battle, the fighters succeed on destroying the enemy’s command trench warfare; but during chasing them, they get surrounded by the enemy in a grove. Seyyed Reza, the commander, decides on demolishing the bridge in order to stop the enemy’s access. During a combat, Seyyed Reza gets killed and Rasoul gets severely injured, but they succeed on stopping the enemy’s access to the bridge.


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