Cry - Faryad - فریاد


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Cry - Faryad - فریاد

Cry - Faryad - فریاد

Sohrab wants to work independently as a truck driver using the truck he has bought with the help of his ill father. But Farough, an experienced and well-known garage owner wants Sohrab to work for him just like others so they get into a fight. Meanwhile, the Iraqi fighter jets start bombarding the area. During the bombardment, Farough dies of heart attack, but Akbar and Asghar, his two younger brothers blame Sohrab as the murderer of their brother. They get into their truck and start searching for him. Sohrab stops in a mid-road café and has his teenage son Amir carry the tomatoes for him. Naneh Mary, the owner, asks Sohrab to take a young pregnant woman named Fatemeh to a hospital in the city. The path Sohrab is supposed to take however does not lead to the city so he takes Fatemeh to a bus station but there are no vehicles there as a result of the war, so Fatemeh accompanies Sohrab and Amir. Akbar and Asghar run into a number of Iraqi forces and get arrested by them and then Sohrab and Amir and Fatemeh arrive at that same place too. The Iraqi soldiers attempt to rape Fatemeh but she shoots them with her gun. Akbar and Asghar who are now free, owe their lives to Fatemeh so they no longer seek revenge and Sohrab and Amir and Fatemeh continue their journey. Sohrab’s truck breaks down near a mosque and Fatemeh gives birth to her infant inside the truck with the help of the mosque custodian’s wife. Sohrab takes Fatemeh and her newborn to the city and then goes to fight for his homeland in the war just like his friends.

در يكي از نواحي جنوب كشور فاروق صاحب يك گاراژ به سهراب اجازه نمي دهد كه براي خود مستقلاً كار كند و سهراب با فاروق درگير مي شود و در درگيري فاروق بر اثر سكته مي ميرد و برادرهاي فاروق براي انتقام گيري از سهراب به دنبال او مي گردند. سهراب با كاميونش به قهوه خانه اي مي رود كه آن جا ننه ماري صاحب قهوه خانه از او مي خواهد كه پسرش ر ا به عنوان شاگرد با خود ببرد و زني به نام فاطمه را نيز كه باردار است به بيمارستان برساند، اما سهراب پس از نيافتن درمانگاه فاطمه را با خود همراه مي كند تا به شهر ديگري برساند. برادرهاي فاروق كه در پي سهراب در جاده ها هستند بوسيله ي عراقي ها دستگير مي شوند. اتفاقاً سهراب هم در همان مسير است و عراقي ها ماشين آن ها را هم متوقف مي كنند اما زماني كه يكي از آن ها قصد تعرض به فاطمه را دارد، فاطمه با يك حركت ناگهاني با اسلحه اي كه مخفي كرده بود آن ها را به گلوله مي بندد. و برادران فاروق هم كه جان خود را مديون فاطمه مي بينند از انتقام چشم مي پوشند. كاميون سهراب در نزديكي يك مسجد خراب مي شود و بچه ي فاطمه با كمك همسر متولي به دنيا مي آيد. سهراب با كاميون فاطمه و نوزاد را به منطقه ي امن مي برد. امير نيز به جبهه جنگ مي رود.


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