Crimson Journey - Safare Sorkh - سفر سرخ


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Crimson Journey - Safare Sorkh - سفر سرخ

Crimson Journey - Safare Sorkh - سفر سرخ

When southern city of Khorramshahr falls during the imposed war, a group of people embark on a journey of venture and adventure.

On the day of the fall of Khorramshahr, a number of voluntary forces, along with two injured people, two nurses and a group of citizens are leaving the city. They arrive at a bridge which has fallen into the hands of the Iraqi army. The voluntary forces decide to disjoint the civilians in order to save them. They are engaged in various war adventures along their paths.

در روز سقوط خرمشهر تعدادي نيروي هاي مردمي به همراه دو مجروح و دو پرستار و گروهي از مردم به قصد خروج از شهر به پلي مي رسند كه به دست نيروهاي ارتش عراق افتاده است. گروه تصميم مي گيرد براي نجات غيرنظاميان، جدا از آنها طي مسير كند و در گذر از مسيرهاي مختلف با ماجراهايي از جنگ درگير مي شوند.


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