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Companion - Moones - مونس

Companion - Moones - مونس

Companion - Moones - مونس
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Peyman has just been released from prison, and begins a search for his wife Moones and daughter Elham in earnest. Assisted by his cousin Niloufar and friend Sattar, Peyman eventually tracks Moones down, only to unearth some disappointing news. When he meets the suspicious Bargahi, It soon becomes apparent that Peyman has become involved in a plot that goes further back than he realizes. As Peyman struggles to correct his reputation and fight for custody of his daughter, he also begin to develop feelings for Nilfour. A dramatic tale of betrayal and redemption.

مردی به نام پیمان، پس از تحمل چهار سال زندان آزاد می شود، او بعد از آزادی به دنبال همسرش مونس و دخترش الهام می گردد و...


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