Coma - Eghma - اغما

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Coma - Eghma - اغما

Coma - Eghma - اغما
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Dr Pajouhan is a specialist brain surgeon who made a name for himself after performing a series of successful surgeries during the Iran - Iraq war. His wife Maloud suffers from a malignant brain tumour but due to medical custom, Dr Pajouhan is restricted from operating on a family member, regardless of her insistence for it to be him. Eventually Dr Pajouhan is granted permission to perform surgery on his wife. Tragically, she does not survive the operation, leaving Dr Pajouhan in a state of depression in which he refuses to carry on working. It is Elias, a war veteran whom the doctor saved from death in the past, who turns up to change everything by convincing Dr Pajouhan to work again but with dramatic consequences. Synopsis by IMVBox


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