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Clouds Are En Route - Abrha Dar Rahand - ابرها در راهند

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Clouds Are En Route - Abrha Dar Rahand - ابرها در راهند

Clouds Are En Route - Abrha Dar Rahand - ابرها در راهند

This fascinating documentary examines Turkish immigration in Germany, and its impact not just economically, but also culturally. What does it mean to be of the Islamic faith in the Western world? Through the eyes of second generation Turk Unal Kaymackci, a lawyer in his forties, we learn how Frankfurt residents initially reacted to Islamic rituals, as well as the rising backlash against the religion following the wake of September 11. As Germany's Muslim population fought to defend and promote the faith, we witness how through research and increased awareness, Islam's opposing forces often find not only understanding in Muslim ideals, but answers to their own questions. A riveting look at cultural identity and how those of different backgrounds influence one another.