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Closer - Nazdiktar - نزدیکتر

Closer - Nazdiktar - نزدیکتر

Ali is keen to introduce his gentle fiance, Mahtab, to his family. However, he has previously told her that they are all dead. When the pair arrive at the family home, Ali's bitter siblings meet him with hostility. Ali's rebellious nephew Makan, meanwhile, is departing for a life abroad against his wishes. When the truth about Ali's mysterious past comes to light, Ali fears that Mahtab will want nothing to do with him. This beautifully shot work from Mostafa Ahmadi provides spellbinding performances and the thought-provoking question of what family truly means.

علي که بدليل اعتياد از خانه متواري شده بود، پس از سالها که با حضور در مراکز ترک اعتياد به زندگي بازگشته بود با دختري به نام مهتاب آشنا شده و در مورد گذشته خود چيزي به او نگفته بود. حالا علي تصميم مي‌گيرد که به همراه مهتاب به خانه برود و او را با گذشته‌اش آشنا کند که اين جريان سرآغاز درگيري علي با خانواده اش مي شود و در نهايت با حمايت مادر دوباره در خانواده پذيرفته مي‌شود.

Ali has left his house because of addiction and has returned after many years spent in a rehab and had met a girl named Mahtab who does not know about his past. Now Ali has decided to return home and bring Mahtab with him to introduce her to his family. This is the beginning of a fight between Ali and his family; and at the end, they bring him back into the fold with the support of his mother.