Closed Circuit - Madaare Basteh - مدار بسته


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Closed Circuit - Madaare Basteh - مدار بسته

Closed Circuit - Madaare Basteh - مدار بسته

"داد خواه" با همسر و دو فرزندش زندگی سختی دارد. و مشکل او زمانی مضاعف میشود که حکم تخلیه برای خانه ای که در آن بسر میبرد، صادر می شود . دادخواه شرانجام تصمیمش را می گیرد و با فروش همه زندگی اش، با دریافت وام بانکی ، خانه محقری را خریداری و تا آخرین روز عمر به پرداخت قسط می پردازد. "بهمن" دراین زمان ، جوانی است که پس از اتمام تحصیلات، باید جذب جامعه شود. ولی او در همان آغاز درگیر مساله کار و مسکن می شود، همان مشکلاتی که پدر یک عمر با آن مواجه بود، ولی بهمن حاضر نیست این رویه را پیشه کند، پس از تهران خارج می شود . . .

Dadkhah, his wife and their two children are going through a hard situation. Receiving a notice to vacate the property in which they have resided, adds to their misery. Then, Dadkhah comes up with a decision: he sells whatever he has, also, he gets a bank loan to buy a small house. Till his last days, Dadkhah still has to pay for the installments of that loan .Meanwhile , their son, Bahman, becomes a young boy who has to finish his education and then find a job. However, as Bahman starts seeking employment, he encounters the same issues with which his father has been struggling during his entire life. Nevertheless, Bahman decides not to keep on his father’s approach toward life; thereby, he leaves Tehran.


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