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Cinema Dream - Royaye Cinema - رویای سینما

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Cinema Dream - Royaye Cinema - رویای سینما

Cinema Dream - Royaye Cinema - رویای سینما

The film crew is searching for a teen actor to perform the main character in an Iranian-Canadian coproduction. After the auditions, director is hesitant in choosing one of the two youngsters, Kazem and Farhad. As just one of them may remain with the team, they begin a challenge to grab the role...

A group of filmmakers is looking for a teenage actor to act as the main character for a joint movie between Iran and Canada. They test the interested teenager, and in the end, they choose Kazem and Farhad. But only one of them can be the main actor. The rivalry between Kazem and Farhad is the story of this film, and…


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