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Chocolatie - Shokolati - شکلاتی

Chocolatie - Shokolati - شکلاتی

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German, Turkish and +20 more languages

Chocolatie - Shokolati - شکلاتی

A 13-year-old boy who inherited a chocolate factory from his grandpa is now to decide whether to sell the factory or keep it and run it himself. Although he has got his own and his grandpa’s friends who support him, the factory is left with debts and issues for him to solve, along with people who want him to sell it …

13-year-old Parsa has inherited a big chocolate factory is about to go bankrupt and Parsa must decide whether to sell or to run the factory once again with the help of his playful friends and his grandfather's faithful lawyer. Indeed, there are some people who intend to sell this place.

همه چيز از يک جعبه شکلات شروع شد. يعني من بچه بودم ... بچه هم که باشيم بازم شکلات عاشقانه‌ترين مزه دنياست اما