Children Of Heaven - Bachehaye Aseman - بچه‌ های آسمان‎‎


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Children Of Heaven - Bachehaye Aseman - بچه‌ های آسمان‎‎

Children Of Heaven - Bachehaye Aseman - بچه‌ های آسمان‎‎

When Ali, a young boy, loses his sister Zahra's school shoes, this young pair dream up a plan to stay out of trouble: they'll share his shoes and keep it a secret! But if they're going to cover their tracks, it will be under difficult circumstances and the kids must watch their step on what rapidly turns into a funny and heartwarming adventure of an iranian family.

برای «علی» و خواهرش و زهرا»، مشکلی وجود دارد، آنها هردو از یک کفش استفاده می کنند و ترتیبی فراهم آورده اند که کسی متوجه این امر نشود. اما به تدریج شرایط برای آنها سخت تر می شود. معهذا «علی» و «زهرا» تصمیم میگیرند بدون اطلاع پدر و مادر، خود به تنهایی این مشکل را حل کنند. چون بخوبی اطلاع دارند که پدر علیرغم تلاش بی وقفه اش، امکان تهیه ی کفش دیگری برای آنها ندارد. تا اینکه یک مسابقه دو پیش می آید که جایزه سوم آن یک کفش است. او علی» در آن شرکت میکند. اما در شرایط مسابقه، «علی»، چنان به هیجان می آید که فراموش میکند نباید نفر اول مسابقه شود... «علی» غمگین از دریافت جایزه اول، با چهره شادمان «زهرا» روبرو می شود که توسط پدر صاحب یک کفش شده است...

There is a big problem for Ali and his sister, Zahra: Ali has lost Zahra's shoes and now they both have to use the same pair of shoes. They have made arrangements with themselves so no one takes notice of this. But circumstances exacerbates day by day. Thus Ali and Zahra decide to solve the problem by themselves, without their parent's knowledge. They know that their father, despite all of his efforts, is unable to pay for another pair of shoes. Meanwhile, Ali finds out about a running competition in his school that awards the third place winner with a pair of shoes. Ali is qualified for the competition. But during the match, he gets excited and forgets that he has to win the third place. Ali, sad because he has won the first place, is faced with the animated face of Zahra, whom their father has bought a new pair of shoes.