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Che - Che - چ

Che - Che - چ

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German, Italian and +20 more languages

Che - Che - چ

In the summer of 1979, during a big crisis in a city in southwest of the country, Dr. Mostapha Chamran, a well known Iranian guerilla along with General Fallahi, commander land forces, enters the city to evaluate the situation.
CHE narrates 48 hours in the life of Chamran when he is directly engaged in action in the city of Paveh, a city surrounded by anti revolutionary forces...

فیلم چ به کارگردانی ابراهیم حاتمی کیا با بازی فریبرز عرب نیا به اتفاقات و شخصیت شهید مصطفی چمران در 2 روز از درگیری های پاوه می پردازد.