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Charmer - Afsoongar - افسونگر

Charmer - Afsoongar - افسونگر

Shayan (Pejman Bazeghi) is a successful lawyer, who falls in love with a woman and attempts to perform illegal actions on a case. Although he owes his success to his wife Diba (Leyla Otadi), he finds in himself in a similar case and on the verge of losing everything when Rosa (Shaghayegh Farahani), his wife from his temporary marriage, enters his personal life.

شایان وکیل‌مدافعی که در اکثر پرونده‌های قضایی پیروز است، در آخرین پرونده‌اش سعی دارد موضوع را پیچیده‌تر کرده تا منافع بیش‌تری به دست آورد اما با ورود رؤیا که به عقد موقت شایان درآمده، اتفاقاتی در زندگی خصوصی‌اش می‌افتد که او را دچار دوگانگی کرده و اعتبار کار و زندگی‌اش در مرز فروپاشی قرار می‌گیرد.

Shayan is a defense attorney who wins most of his cases. In his last case, he is trying to make the situation more complicated, so that he can gain more profit, but the arrival of Roya who is temporarily married to Shayan, causes somethings to happen in his private life that leads to his duality and bringing his reputation and life to the edge of collapse.