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Charm - Delbari - دلبری

Charm - Delbari - دلبری

Subtitles: English, Arabic, Turkish and +20 more languages

Charm - Delbari - دلبری

This film charts the story of Tooba, her love and dedication to her war-disabled and paralyzed husband. He has even lost his speech ability. At the wedding night of his nephew, when the children leave to attend the ceremony, he feels worse and passes away within a few hours...

طوبي: امشب عروسي اميرحسينِ ، دوتامون خوشحاليم ...من نبايد اون حر‌ف‌ها رو مي‌زدم، فقط بهم بگو چرا چهار بار چشمت و بازبسته کردي ... منظور خاصي داشتي ميثم؟

Tuba: Tonight is Amir Hossein’s wedding; we both are happy ... I shouldn’t have said those things; just tell me why you opened and closed your eyes four times? ... Did you mean something Meysam?