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Canary Yellow - Zarde Ghanari - زرد قناری

Canary Yellow - Zarde Ghanari - زرد قناری

Canary Yellow - Zarde Ghanari - زرد قناری
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After spending all his money buying a piece of land that was already sold to someone else, Nasrallah Madadi finds himself in trouble. To solve his money problems, he then decides to be the offender of fraud rather than its victim. Getting himself involved with a pair of criminals, he begins a crooked business selling a same yellow taxi to different buyers, only to steal it back from them and sell it again. In a fascinating portrayal of human nature, Canary Yellow follows Nasrallah through the ups and downs of his double-sided experience of crime. But will it all end with the better life for his family he hopes for?

داستان فیلم «زرد قناری» از این قرار است که کفاش جوانی به نام نصرالله مددی که در شهر کوچکی زندگی می کند سهم خود را در کفاشی می فروشد تا قطعه زمینی بخرد و روی آن به زراعت مشغول شود. زمینی را که او قول نامه میکند...

The film tells the story of the people who migrate to Tehran with the dream of having a great wealth and a better life but they go through lots of problems because they are not familiar with living in a city. Nasrollah, the main character of the movie, uses his beliefs and his personal values to solve his problems.

این فیلم بازگوکننده زندگی انسان هایی است که با خیال به ثروت هنگفت و رویای زندگی بهتر به تهران رو می آورند به دلیل ناآشنا بودن با مشکلات زندگی شهری، در گرداب آن غرق می شوند. نصرالله شخصیت اصلی فیلم با این مشکلات به مقابله برمیخیزد و در این راه از ارزش ها و اصالت شخصی اش کمک میگیرد.


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